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HSG Laser, founded in 2006, as a national hi-tech enterprise with an eye to R&D;, production and sales of laser equipment, is now mainly dedicated to serving global customers with intelligent metal forming solutions. Starting from China, HSG Laser has expanded its service network to 100+ countries and regions after 15 years of wing-footed development. It has wholly-owned subsidiary / sub-subsidiary in Germany and Japan, and creates its own high-end brand Xlase. In China, four standardized intelligent equipment manufacturing bases have been completely built in its headquarters (Foshan City), Puxiang (another factory in Foshan), Suzhou and Jinan. HSG frame also includes 4 subsidiaries, 3 branches and 20+ operation service centers at home.

Choose Laser Types

HSG Laser cutting machines perform multi-dimensional laser cutting for various materials in different thicknesses.

    1. Fiber Laser Cutting Machines
    2. Fiber Laser The diode pumped lasers in the fiber laser cutting machine are transmitted to the laser head using a flexible optical fiber.
    1. 3D Laser Cutting Machines
    2. 3D Laser 3D laser cutting machine is more flexible and capable of completing the cutting process for metal components with a more complex structure.
    1. Laser Welding
    2. Laser Welding Handheld optical fiber laser welding machine adopts integrated design, easy to operate, and operators without welding experience can quickly get started in 1 day.
High variety of cuts
  • Fabric Laser Cutting MachineFabric Laser Cutting Machine
  • Dual-drive Pipes And Plates Fiber Laser Cutting MachineDual-drive Pipes And Plates Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • Robot 3d Fiber Laser Cutting MachineRobot 3d Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • Wood Laser Cutting MachineWood Laser Cutting Machine

Why Us
    2. Our Quality

      HSG LASER products have earned a good reputation thanks to their reliable quality, a feature that is a result of a management philosophy pushed forward by our general manager.

    2. Our Factory

      With a total area of around 80,000 square meters, the HSG LASER production facility has been dedicated to laser cutting for 15 years and can manufacture 5,000 fiber laser cutters every year.

    1. OUR Service
    2. Our Service

      We have established a professional R&D; department to develop new types of laser equipment to meet the specific requirements of our customers in an ever evolving market.

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